Most-Used Makeup – June 2018

Early on in June, I decided to grab for different products more often, so this list is a combination of general favorites and new products. To check out my previous most-used posts, click here!

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Buxom May Contain Nudity – One Week, One Palette #17

Happy Tuesday! Today I’m sharing my week using the Buxom May Contain Nudity palette. I really feel like Buxom is not talked about enough, particularly for their eyeshadows. I think their collection is, overall, really solid and they have a unique place in the market with their customizable eyeshadow bar set-up in stores. I’ve used that to create a special palette for my sister one Christmas, and she loved it. I think if you look past some of their misses (a certain holiday palette that will show up in this series eventually), they deserve more praise for their full line and not just their lip products.


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Too Faced Sweet Peach – One Week, One Palette #16

Happy Friday! Today I am excited to share my thoughts on Too Faced’s Sweet Peach palette. I am guilty of staying up until 2 am (CST) when this palette first released so I could purchase it, and I was one of the lucky people who got it in the first round. I have loved it from the first day I opened it and I was itching for a bit of springtime weather to choose this palette for a week. Read on for swatches and five eye looks (with shade details!!!) using the Sweet Peach palette!

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Crown Brush Exposed Palettes – One Week, One Palette #15

This week I’ve broken the mold and decided to use three palettes this week instead of one. This week, I’m featuring the Crown Brush Exposed palettes – or, more bluntly, Crown Brush’s Naked dupe palettes. Under Exposed = Naked 1, Pure Exposed = Naked 2, and Over Exposed = Naked 3. In looking up links for this post, it seems like these palettes have been discontinued, but you can find Naked palette dupes out there from many other brands, so I figure this is a topic worth discussing. Read on to hear my thoughts on these palettes.


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