Palette Retirement Day

After doing a full year of One Week, One Palette in 2018, then a whole year and a half of using my collection without direction or goals, I decided it was time to come up with a plan to start using my eyeshadow more intentionally again. Since COVID-19 shut things down in mid-March, I’ve been working from home, but I still wear makeup a few days a week or more due to video calls and generally wanting to feel like myself. Even so, the eye shadow looks haven’t exactly been inspired lately – usually just a brown or two in the crease with a shimmery brown on the lid.

Today I finally got the energy to go through my (excessive) collection of eyeshadow palettes. I really started getting into makeup around 2015 when I had my first full-time job, and quickly started buying (hoarding) palettes. It started with a birthday purchase of the LORAC Mega PRO 2 palette. Somewhere along the line I got very good at working my Extra Bucks at CVS and ended up with a collection of Milani Everyday Eyes. A deal on HSN landed me with the Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar, and we were off to the races.

I’ll just admit it – I have 66 palettes. (And one on the way! Though it’s the only one I’ve bought all year.) And what’s a girl to do with nearly 900 pans of shadow? Keep them all to herself until they are past their prime, not even think of offloading some to friends/family/Marketplace until a global pandemic hits so no one would even want used eyeshadow anyways, and justify keeping them all by telling herself eye shadow doesn’t really expire.

So the result of my palette check-in today was the following:

  1. “Retire” 13 palettes. That’s right, not declutter. I still can’t get myself to toss things that could reasonably still be used by me. This baker’s dozen contains five of the OG Milani Everyday Eyes, four Wet N Wild 10-pan Color Icon palettes, two Elf Mad For Matte’s, and two palettes I got from Ulta for free with purchase (one Ulta brand, the other Makeup Revolution). These palettes will stick around for now. Some are barely used and still in good enough condition that I could reasonably give them to a sister or friend when I can travel to see them again, but a couple are just going to stay for collector’s purposes (hoarder’s) and nostalgia.
  2. Updated my inventory. I went through my product inventory on Airtable and moved the “retired” palettes to a new sheet.
  3. Prepped for a new eyeshadow project. I added a column in my palettes inventory to designate how many pressed glitters are in any given palette, as well as a way to show how many shades had pan or were completely finished.

This left me with 720 individual pans of shadow throughout 53 palettes. (Plus the RawBeautyKristi x PUR palette with 18 shadows that I bought in a haze of FOMO).

With these remaining shadows, I’m going to start a “Pan Those Eyeshadows” project, similar to Rebecca Morgan and Too Much Tash on YouTube. (I know many others do this type of project too, but these are the two I keep up with.) Follow me over to my next post, where’s I’ll share the details of that project, as well as my first set of shadows!

– Natalie

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Buxom May Contain Nudity – One Week, One Palette #17

Happy Tuesday! Today I’m sharing my week using the Buxom May Contain Nudity palette. I really feel like Buxom is not talked about enough, particularly for their eyeshadows. I think their collection is, overall, really solid and they have a unique place in the market with their customizable eyeshadow bar set-up in stores. I’ve used that to create a special palette for my sister one Christmas, and she loved it. I think if you look past some of their misses (a certain holiday palette that will show up in this series eventually), they deserve more praise for their full line and not just their lip products.


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Too Faced Sweet Peach – One Week, One Palette #16

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Crown Brush Exposed Palettes – One Week, One Palette #15

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Wet n Wild Comfort Zone – One Week, One Palette #7

February 17-23 I used the Wet n Wild Color Icon 10-pan palette in Comfort Zone & the Physician’s Formula Matte Collection Quad Eyeshadow – Classic Nudes. I’d recently purchased the new formulation of the Wet n Wild palette (and the other new releases…I know…the low buy is going great *sarcasm*), and I was excited to try this out. I enjoyed the old Comfort Zone, but I was definitely missing some mattes.

Wet n Wild Comfort Zone Palette
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