Too Faced Sweet Peach – One Week, One Palette #16

Happy Friday! Today I am excited to share my thoughts on Too Faced’s Sweet Peach palette. I am guilty of staying up until 2 am (CST) when this palette first released so I could purchase it, and I was one of the lucky people who got it in the first round. I have loved it from the first day I opened it and I was itching for a bit of springtime weather to choose this palette for a week. Read on for swatches and five eye looks (with shade details!!!) using the Sweet Peach palette!


While many said this palette lacked enough peachy shades, I think Too Faced created a great assortment of shades that work well together and do not overlap too much. At the time when this palette came out, we were not yet into the days of super warm eye looks like we know today with Modern Renaissance and Natasha Denona Sunset/Colourpop Yes, Please.


Too Faced has created a palette with a lot of shades that are peach-y with only a few that are outright peach. The only shades I feel like are a little too similar are Cobbler and Caramelized, but I don’t really mind that since they are frequently used and would end up running out before some of the more unique colors. I feel similarly about Peaches ‘N Cream and Georgia. While they are very different shades, they can function similarly and one or both of them get used in nearly every look – as you can see by the dips I’ve made in them.

Two shades are a little misleading – Talk Derby to Me and Candied Peach. Both seem to be a bit glittery, with Talk Derby to Me looking nearly like a full-on metallic in press photos. For Candied Peach, tiny glitters are included throughout the shade, but blend out when used on the eye, so this really functions like a bright peach matte. You can see in the swatch above that there’s very little specks of glitter even there. Talk Derby to Me is odd because it seems to have more of a spray-over of glitter and then the rest is more of a satin-matte very deep purple.

For my first look, I went simple and Bellini all over the lid and Puree in the crease. I deepened things a bit in the outer-v with Charmed, I’m Sure. As in most of these looks, I started off setting everything with Peaches ‘N Cream and used White Peach on the brow bone.


On the next day, I used my favorite shades to create what I think was my favorite look of the week. I started again with Peaches ‘N Cream all over and then blended Summer Yum in the crease. I deepened the outer corner with Charmed, I’m Sure and a hint of Tempting. Then, I made a gradient of shimmers on the lid starting at the outside with Caramelized, blending into Cobbler, then Luscious over about the full inner half to give more brightness. Although I switched things up a bit by the day of, this is very similar to what I planned on for my wedding day eye makeup, which really tells you how much I love these shades and this palette.


On Wednesday I wanted to utilize the purple shades, so I  started out with Georgia as a transition shade, then went in with Delectable to create a more dramatic outer corner. As you can see in the swatch, Delectable isn’t quite as deep in use as it looks in the pan, so it gets away with being a mid-tone shade for crease work. I deepened things a bit with Talk Derby to Me and used Peach Pit and Luscious on the lid. I love peach and purple together – LORAC PRO 2 Nectar & Plum anyone? – so this look just gave me such joy all day long.


Another favorite color is olive green, and the shade Bless Her Heart is as close to olive perfection as I’ve found in a metallic. For this look, I used Charmed, I’m Sure in the crease and deepened the outer corner with Tempting. Then, I used Bless Her Heart all over the lid, with a tiny bit of Nectar in about the first fourth of the lid to brighten things up. Charmed, I’m Sure is a great shade because it can help deepen things up quite a bit, but it also blends out well in the crease.


I didn’t realize the irony at the time, but this look is actually inspired by Tati’s look in her April 26 video on Makeup Revolution. I hadn’t done a fully peach look all week, so I went straight in with Candied Peach in the crease, blown out nearly to the brow bone, with Summer Yum and Puree doing some crease work as well. I then took Tempting and Charmed, I’m Sure in the outer-v and mixed Bellini, Just Peachy, and a bit of Nectar on the lid. Things got a little mixed up for the lid, to be honest, so this didn’t totally turn out how I wanted it to. I could definitely do better if I tried again, going in with a better plan for those lid shades.


Throughout the week, I also used the Papa Don’t Peach blush and the Sweet Peach Glow face palette to accent these looks. I love both blushes, and the highlighter in the palette is nice. I don’t personally mind the bronzer either, but it took some getting used to the formula to make it work. It’s also quite light, so I don’t know that people much deeper than me could wear it (and I’m like…the lightest shade, so that’s dumb). Back to the highlighter in the palette – it’s also an odd sort of gel-powder formula, but it’s pretty when you get used to that. The highlighter is a peachy champagne shade with glitter that gives it some crazy dimension when it hits the light.

Overall, this is one of my favorite palettes in my collection. The shades are gorgeous, the quality is great, and I’m able to create a significant range of looks with just 18 shades.

What are some of your favorite eyeshadow palettes? Have you ever stayed up late for a makeup release? Tell me your stories and thoughts in the comments below!

– Natalie.

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