June 2019 Favorites

Today, I’m going to share my favorite products that I used in the month of June. Unless I have any strong opinions about an item, I will just be listing and linking it, just to keep things short and sweet. This list is a combination of my favorite items used, as well as the most-used products in a given category – whether or not they were my favorite.Read More »

Most-Used Makeup – March 2018

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I can’t believe we’re already at the end of the month! The past few weeks really have flown by. Today, I’ll be sharing my most-used makeup for the month of March. As I mentioned in my last month’s Most-Used Makeup post, these products aren’t necessarily my most favorite products, but the ones I’ve used most often – whether that’s because it’s one of my Project Pan items or just something that I couldn’t stop reaching for.

This month I made a point to remind myself to do a look with all of my most-used products of the month so I could share it with you here!

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Most-Used Makeup – February 2018

Hello! This month for my “favorites” post, I’ve decided to go about things a little differently and talk more about my most-used makeup, rather than my favorites. Eventually I’ll share a “holy grail” products post, but I think this format will better show how I’m using my collection, since I’m in the midst of a Project Pan and other projects that limit the use of my full collection on any given day. As mentioned in my January post, I’ll share reviews for any items that are new to the list, and for those that are repeats from past months, the review will be linked to that post.

Most-Used Makeup

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Makeup Favorites – January 2018

Hello! Welcome to my first-ever Favorites post on my blog! I expect this first post to be the longest of these posts, because in every subsequent favorites post I’ll link older ones that give a full description of why each product is my favorite and only include full reviews on products that are new to the favorites list.

I’ll use these posts to share products that are my current “holy grail” or what has just been used most in the past month, for whatever reason.Read More »