Pan Those Eyeshadows 1 (Intro)

As discussed in my last post, I have way too much eyeshadow. I was able to bring my collection down to 53 palettes, which (with pressed glitters removed) leaves me with 720 individual shades – and zero that I’ve hit pan on.

I’m generally light-handed when it comes to shadow application, which I recognize is a contributing factor, but I truly feel like after 5 years of really being into eyeshadow I should have pan on a few shades by now. In 2018, I did a year-long One Week, One Palette project, but haven’t ever really dug in and tried to use a single palette or just a set of shades for any long period.

So here we are – starting a Pan Those Eyeshadows Project. (Shout out to Rebecca Morgan and Too Much Tash who inspired me to give this a try.)

A peek at the palettes that got selected first

Here’s my rules:

  1. 5 shades will be in the palette at a time.
  2. The shades will be chosen at random, first randomizing the palette I choose from, then the shade within the palette.
  3. I can have more than one shade from the same palette within the project at once.
  4. I will not have two shades that are super similar at once. (Ex: two matte creams, two metallic browns that are the same depth)
  5. I will keep at least 2 mattes & 2 metallics at all times.
  6. I can rotate out a shade after:
    1. Hitting pan.
    2. It’s been in the project for 2 months.
  7. I will not count how many times I use each shade (because I’m lazy and it’s not that serious).
  8. I can use other palettes or shades in these palettes to supplement, but at least one shade from the set must be included in every eye look. (Except very specific special occasions.)
  9. I will review my progress monthly at the end of the month (since it’s July 30 when I’ll first use this set of shades) and will try to remember to post an update here.
  10. Every month I will also choose a Colourpop Super Shock Shadow to complement the quintet. (I’ll pick, instead of it being randomized.)
  11. I am allowed to change these rules whenever I want. 😀

Here is my first set of shadows:

  1. Too Faced, Grand Hotel Cafe – Gingerbread Cookie: Gingersnap (gold metallic)
  2. Colourpop x Disney Designer, It’s a Princess Thing: Poison Apple (metallic)
  3. Too Faced, Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar: Peanut Butter (matte)
  4. LORAC, Mega Pro 4: Eggplant (matte)
  5. Colourpop x KathleenLights, Dream St.: Kaleidoscope
  6. BONUS SSS: KathleenLights (because the TF shade may need help, and this is a super similar shade match)
SSS, then the 5 shadows in order as listed above

Surprisingly, I went exactly with the first 5 randomized choices, and this fairly cohesive color scheme came out! I know, I wouldn’t believe it if I saw someone pick it on YouTube, but you’ve got to trust me.

Thanks for reading! I hope you’ll come along with me on this journey to get more (obvious) use out of my eyeshadow collection!

If you’re doing a similar project, please comment with what shades you’re using or share the link to your blog post or video/playlist about it!

– Natalie

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Current Panning Projects

Hello! Today I’d like to share the Project Pan projects I am currently working on. At the beginning of this year, I continued a rolling project pan, similar to last year’s. I hadn’t limited the project to a certain number of items, which made me start feeling like things weren’t as structured as I wanted.

In mid-June, I decided to regroup and better focus my projects – yes, multiple – and better defined my panning goals. Below I am giving a sort of introduction to each project, and a few notes on why I added the products to each project.

Project 1: 10 in 2019

  • Time Period: Starting June 11, will regroup at the end of 2019…or whenever I want.
  • Item Limit: Focusing on 10 products at a time.
  • Set or Rolling?: Rolling. Allowed 2 days to add new item after finishing one.

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Project Pan 2018 Update #6

I’ve made it to the halfway point in my 2018 Project Pan! Today I want to share how things have been going the last month, and where I see this project going in the next few months. Click here to see my previous update!

Products I’ve Finished:

  1. Milani Make It Dewy Setting Spray
  2. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream – Vanilla Citron scent (4 oz tub)
  3. Skin Food Black Sugar Wash-Off Mask (mini)
  4. GlamGlow – ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment mask (mini)

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Project Pan 2018 Update #4

Happy Thursday! I’ve had quite a busy week at work, so I’ve been looking forward to sitting down to share my fourth Project Pan update for this year’s project. Last month, I revamped my project and swapped a lot of things in and out to better fit my needs for the project. Click here to see my last update, and here to read about the reasons behind the revamp. This month, I’ve had some ups and downs with my panning journey. Read on to hear more about my progress!

04-19 Update 4

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Project Pan 2018 – Project Re-Vamp

Today, I’m putting off my third update to my 2018 Project Pan, and instead sharing how I’ve decided to revamp my project based on what I’ve learned in the past 2.5 months about what will work better for me.

Every person who does project pans will have different views on how they should work, what their reasons are for panning, and what a successful project looks like. I’m very new to the panning community, so my opinions are still forming, but below I’m sharing what I’ve come up with so far.Read More »

Project Pan 2018 Intro

For my first trick, I will make my makeup collection shrink! ….slowly!

This year, I’ll be working through my makeup collection, in a rolling project pan.

Key terms: 

  • Project Pan: the process of using up items in their collection/stash of products for various reasons. This is done in a ton of different ways, but my main inspirations are from Just Buy The Makeup (Hailey) and KitschSnitch (Kat), whom I found through their joint channel BEAUTY NEWS.
  • Rolling: I will always be focusing on 8 products throughout the year. So, as I meet my goal on a product, I will swap that out for another item.

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