Face Mask Challenge 2018 Updates #5 & 6

Today is a double update on my Face Mask Challenge – yes, that’s right – TWO months of updates on my progress using up my face masks! I know…the anticipation is killing me too. Let’s go!


(If you’d like to see my past updates, click here!)

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Face Mask Challenge 2018 Intro

Skincare Confession: I own 22 different face masks. 

I have very dry skin and really enjoy a good mask to treat and protect my face. My skin seems to have become a little less sensitive than it was in my teen years, so I’m able to use a lot of different styles of masks, and I seem to have taken it to heart because I own way too many of them. Luckily, many of these masks are 1 oz or less, received in ipsy bags, Sephora rewards, or holiday sets, but still – I only have one face!

So this year, along with my Project Pan, I’ll be doing a face mask challenge!Read More »