Face Mask Challenge 2018 Intro

Skincare Confession: I own 22 different face masks. 

I have very dry skin and really enjoy a good mask to treat and protect my face. My skin seems to have become a little less sensitive than it was in my teen years, so I’m able to use a lot of different styles of masks, and I seem to have taken it to heart because I own way too many of them. Luckily, many of these masks are 1 oz or less, received in ipsy bags, Sephora rewards, or holiday sets, but still – I only have one face!

So this year, along with my Project Pan, I’ll be doing a face mask challenge!

I’m going to try to do a face mask every day, and I’m allowed to count an overnight mask in that (I say ‘allowed’ because the majority of the time I wear an overnight mask as a night cream). Traveling can’t be an excuse, since all but one of my masks is TSA friendly.

I’ll be tracking this challenge in my bullet journal in the “Year in Pixels” style. I thought about listing out all the masks first and color coding them to start, but I decided to add them as I use them instead.

BuJo Tracker 01-06 Intro

I’ve included a full list of my masks down below with links to check them out if you’d like. I included where I purchased/received each mask as well. I think I am missing a sheet mask or two, so i’ll add those in a future update if I find them. 

I’m doing this in an effort to use up products that will soon expire and also find some favorite masks to purchase in full size at the end of this – very similar to my goals for Project Pan. I calculated the amount I’ve spent on theses masks, and it comes to a total of $237.98. I decided to go with what I spent instead of the value, since it’s value to me is the money out of my own pocket! Some of these were free or reward samples, and some came in an ipsy bag or something like it, so I counted the cost accordingly. For example, if it comes in ipsy, I count each item as $2.00, since there’s always 5 items and it’s $10 a month.

So far, I’ve been changing up the mask every day, but soon i’ll be doing more targeted weeks of testing masks out to better see how I feel about them. I know true results can’t be seen with skincare in just a week of use, but with masks, I feel like I know if it’s doing something for me within a few uses. I’ll also be keeping my other skincare fairly consistent to keep that from being what makes me think different of a mask.

What are your favorite face masks? Let me know if you’re doing anything similar to “shop your stash”!!!

– Natalie

List of Masks (A-Z by brand)
Those marked with * are full-size.

P.S. Here’s some referral links to some of my favorite sites. Use if you’d like!

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  • thredUP – I love using thredUP to clean out my closet and shop for new pieces at a discounted price – sometimes they’re even brand new with tags! When you join thredUP through this link, you get $10 to spend and I get $10 to shop after you place your first order.
  • StitchFix – This is a great way to try out some new items for your closet, without the hassle of going to the stores and the bonus of a personal stylist. If you sign up with this link, you’ll get a FREE styling fee (usually $20) on your first Fix, and I’ll get $25 credit once it ships.

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