Bullet Journal Set-Up – January 2018

Like I mentioned in my 2018 Bullet Journal Set-Up post, I’m using a 12 pc. set of washi tape to create a more consistent look throughout my journal. I think this will help me to learn more about the structure I like most in my journal and not worry as much about being inspired to create a new theme each month. (Prime example: last August I couldn’t come up with a theme, so the theme became “random” and my month cover page was a drawing of a hippo blowing a bubble out of its nose – which was my husband’s idea.)

2018 January Cover

It’s become important to me to have a monthly cover page because I like having that clear divide in my pages. This month, I decided to use a quote that I found online that I really relate to right now to go opposite the month cover page.

2018 January Month

This month I went with a larger version of the calendars in my future log for my monthly calendar view, and so far I like how it’s going. i like that there’s no vertical lines between the days, which means things like the line for my vacation plans stays continuous. The sizing is a little awkward, but I can always fill in the space on the right side with another quote or some notes later.

2018 January Goals

After the calendar, I have a list of goals for the month, a to-do list that’s got things that aren’t totally time-sensitive (or just fun), and on the opposite page is my habit tracker.

I’ll be posting soon about what I’m calling my “mindful money plan”, which is in no way related to the book Mindful Money – it’s just a nice alliterative name. In that post (which I’ll link here once it’s written) will further go into a lot of the things on this tracker. I set my tracker up to where it’s mostly things that I only mark if it’s done, and many things don’t have to be done (or shouldn’t be done) every day.

2018 January Weekly 8-14

I wasn’t a huge fan of my first weekly spread for January 1-7, so I made some adjustments and really like what I’ve worked out for January 8-14.

  • In the larger portion of the daily boxes, I write a brief log of what happened that day. In the bottom right corner of that section are two water drops, which helps me track if I’ve drank 2 full water bottles while I’m at work. The smaller box each day is for writing down what I ate that day – I do this for medical reasons.
  • Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are larger this week because I am going on a trip to Colorado to see my sister, so I wanted to have extra space to write down the things we do while I’m there.
  • On the bottom left side of the spread, I have a journaling prompt for the week. I’ve decided to add this in whenever I have a decent open space in my weekly pages. Both weeks so far I’ve just found a random question posed on Pinterest or something I copied into my e-Bullet Journal I have in One Note – which is only used for quick notes when my notebook isn’t handy.

In a few of these pages, I blurred some things out. In the future I’ll try to remember to take photos “before the pen”!

I’d love to hear below about your January themes! Please share links to your blog, Instagram, or posts in the Bullet Journal Junkies Facebook group!

– Natalie

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