Colorful Capsule Wardrobe – Summer 2019

I am really excited to share my summer 2019 capsule wardrobe! If you’re looking to learn about capsule wardrobes in general, I hope you’ll check out My Capsule Wardrobe Guide.

I’ve really loved using the format of a capsule wardrobe as inspiration as I minimize my wardrobe, but many pins, posts, and videos out there focus on a very neutral color palette – lots of black, white, gray, and denim/chambray. While I generally feel this fits my style and creates a set of items that is more wearable, more often, I prefer to add a bit of seasonal flare through color. Here’s the color palette I chose this year:

White, Blue (denim), Black, Rosy Coral, Light Gray, Mustard, and Olive

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Current Panning Projects

Hello! Today I’d like to share the Project Pan projects I am currently working on. At the beginning of this year, I continued a rolling project pan, similar to last year’s. I hadn’t limited the project to a certain number of items, which made me start feeling like things weren’t as structured as I wanted.

In mid-June, I decided to regroup and better focus my projects – yes, multiple – and better defined my panning goals. Below I am giving a sort of introduction to each project, and a few notes on why I added the products to each project.

Project 1: 10 in 2019

  • Time Period: Starting June 11, will regroup at the end of 2019…or whenever I want.
  • Item Limit: Focusing on 10 products at a time.
  • Set or Rolling?: Rolling. Allowed 2 days to add new item after finishing one.

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My Capsule Wardrobe Guide

Ever since I moved from Texas to California, I’ve been curating my wardrobe bit by bit, letting go of pieces I don’t love or that don’t fit (sent to thredUP, of course!) and only bringing in items that I really love, make me feel great, and serve a unique purpose in my closet. What has guided my curation process has been the capsule wardrobe method. Today, I’m going to be sharing how I formed my capsule wardrobe and my tips for starting your own! 

What is a capsule wardrobe?

If you’re not familiar with the capsule wardrobe method, it’s basically choosing a set number of items that coordinate well together to encourage wearing your pieces in more ways, more often. Over time, following this method can promote more mindful purchasing of clothing. 

You can create a capsule for each season, or make a larger one that works for you year-round. The number of items is also very flexible, but many find that the sweet spot is 30-40 items (this includes all tops, bottoms, outerwear, dresses, and even shoes, bags, and accessories). 

I’m working toward a year-round capsule in the long-run, since I live in So Cal and our “seasons” just require an added layer or so, but I plan to refresh things each season. 


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What I Didn’t Buy – Low Buy 2019

Today, I am sharing my list of the items I did not buy so far this year throughout my low buy. I also have a post on what I have purchased, as well as a breakdown of my progress on my low buy so far, so please check those out as well! This will not be a list of items I don’t even want (A.K.A. an anti-haul), but instead will be a list of products I resisted purchasing.

First up, an item I decided to pass on, even though it was on the “approved” list for my low buy:Read More »

June 2019 Favorites

Today, I’m going to share my favorite products that I used in the month of June. Unless I have any strong opinions about an item, I will just be listing and linking it, just to keep things short and sweet. This list is a combination of my favorite items used, as well as the most-used products in a given category – whether or not they were my favorite.Read More »

What I Bought This Year – Low Buy 2019

Hello again! Last time, I shared my rules and an overview of my progress on my 2019 Low Buy. Today, I’d like to share the items that have been worth the purchase. I’m going to break down my purchases based on the category they fall into, so first – here’s a quick review of the rules:

  1. No purchases until October 31 (or the fall VIB sale) except…
  2. Replacements
  3. Skin health/protection products
  4. Things bought with gift cards (+ up to $10 to round it out)
  5. Gifts for others

I’ve included the prices that I paid in each listing, along with some notes about how I feel about the purchase. These prices take into account tax, shipping, and any coupons or discounts I received on the item(s).

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My 2019 Low Buy

Well hello again! One year after my last entry, I’ve gotten the itch to write a few new blog posts about some projects I’ve been working on.

2019 has been called The Year of the No Buy, and I chose to take part in that as well after attempting a low buy last year. This year, I really worked to think of what rules are truly realistic to my needs and based on the items I bought in 2018. Last year, my rules were honestly more strict, but I have been significantly more successful in this second attempt.

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Project Pan 2018 Update #6

I’ve made it to the halfway point in my 2018 Project Pan! Today I want to share how things have been going the last month, and where I see this project going in the next few months. Click here to see my previous update!

Products I’ve Finished:

  1. Milani Make It Dewy Setting Spray
  2. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream – Vanilla Citron scent (4 oz tub)
  3. Skin Food Black Sugar Wash-Off Mask (mini)
  4. GlamGlow – ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment mask (mini)

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