What I Didn’t Buy – Low Buy 2019

Today, I am sharing my list of the items I did not buy so far this year throughout my low buy. I also have a post on what I have purchased, as well as a breakdown of my progress on my low buy so far, so please check those out as well! This will not be a list of items I don’t even want (A.K.A. an anti-haul), but instead will be a list of products I resisted purchasing.

First up, an item I decided to pass on, even though it was on the “approved” list for my low buy:

  • Colourpop x KathleenLights Zodiac Loose Pigment Collection No matter how glittery and shiny these are, and how much I’d love to keep collecting Kathleen’s collabs, I just couldn’t justify buying the pigment collection. I am not ruling out buying one or two in the future, but I want to think hard on which ones will best complement my collection and I will most likely use, since loose pigments could easily just sit in my collection forever untouched if I’m not careful. 

Next is a palette I was able to take off my wish list after quite a while, after finding something I wanted more:

  • Too Faced Chocolate Gold palette This palette was on sale early in the year, right around the same time as the ABH Sultry palette was discounted. I figure that the most likely to be used shades in CG would be the more neutral shades, so I decided to go for the Sultry instead.

The next few items are things I still want, but will wait to purchase them for various reasons:

  • Farmacy Honey Potion Renewing Antioxidant Hydration Mask I am still working through my masks (and not as aggressively as last year with my masking project), so I need to wait to finish some products (including the mini of this mask) before springing for a full size. 
  • First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream – Mango I am currently working on a 6 oz tub of the unscented version in a project pan, and I also have other body lotions and butters that I need to use up before bringing anything new in. I can only hope this scent is not limited, because I would love to try it in the future!
  • Lorac PRO Palette 4 I had the opportunity to buy this for 30% off on the Lorac website recently, but I let the sale pass. Since this palette isn’t (currently) limited edition, I will wait until I have used up/decluttered some eyeshadow palettes. 

One final item is in a category of it’s own, in that I resisted purchasing this when the Spring VIB sale came, but I have since been gifted it by a dear friend:

Note: KL Polish stopped releasing new products in early February, so I haven’t had the option to buy anything in that category. I resisted the urge to purchase backups of some of my favorite shades in their (slow) closing process. If Kathleen’s new company (Lights Lacquer) releases anything this year, that will be approved.

I fully believe that the rules I set for my low buy and the progress I’ve made on completing products this year has been a great motivating factor in resisting the items above. I hope that I can continue this process of making mindful purchases through the rest of the year, and beyond, as well as recognizing and congratulating myself for not making purchases.

What are some items that you resisted purchasing this year? How do you talk yourself out of purchases? Please comment here or on Instagram! (Follow me @natalieblends!)

– Natalie

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