Colorful Capsule Wardrobe – Summer 2019

I am really excited to share my summer 2019 capsule wardrobe! If you’re looking to learn about capsule wardrobes in general, I hope you’ll check out My Capsule Wardrobe Guide.

I’ve really loved using the format of a capsule wardrobe as inspiration as I minimize my wardrobe, but many┬ápins, posts, and videos out there focus on a very neutral color palette – lots of black, white, gray, and denim/chambray. While I generally feel this fits my style and creates a set of items that is more wearable, more often, I prefer to add a bit of seasonal flare through color. Here’s the color palette I chose this year:

White, Blue (denim), Black, Rosy Coral, Light Gray, Mustard, and Olive

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