Project Pan 2018 Update #1

Happy Thursday! Today I’m sharing my first update on my rolling project pan for 2018. I know I only just posted my intro a week ago, but from now on, these updates will be coming every 4 weeks. I’ll also include the finished products in my Empties posts each month, but I’m going to keep the reviews of the panning project items in these updates.

Products I’ve Finished:

  1. L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation – 202 Creamy Natural
    As I expected, I finished this within a couple days. Gravity did the best it could getting the product out of this tube, so I am not going to be cutting it open and scraping anything out since this is a pretty liquidy foundation in the first place. I am happy to be finished with this for now for a few reasons. For one, the color is just a hair too dark for me to wear in the winter; I also prefer the formula better in the summertime. The main reason I’m glad to be finished with this specific tube of Pro-Glow is because I think it was messed up in the first place. No matter how much I shook the tube, these little white dots of something, which were borderline gritty, would be separated from the rest of the product and left on my hand after picking the rest up with my sponge. If any of these dots happened to get picked up, they’d leave a bit of a white cast in the areas they were applied to. When I took a flashlight to the tube to check progress over time, I’d see these spots also deposited on the sides of the tube. This was my 3rd tube of this foundation, and this is the only one that did this, so I am hoping this isn’t the result of a formula-adjustment-gone-bad. I will definitely repurchase this in the future, but with fingers crossed for a better batch!

Progress I’ve Made:

  1. L’Oreal Studio Secrets Magic Lumi Primer
    Just a bit of progress, but since I’ve finished the Pro-Glow foundation, I’m using something a bit more matte, so I use more of this primer. I expect it to be finished by next update.
    Lumi Primer Update 1
  2. OFRA Universal Brow Pencil
    This is going along nicely, being a sharpenable product. I expect to make good progress on this in the next month. (photo at bottom of post)
  3. NARS Blush – Orgasm
    I do enjoy this blush, but I am glad i am only trying to hit pan on this little mini and not totally use it up. I used another blush one day this past week and it gave me the itch to keep mixing it up – but I’ve stayed strong!
  4. Fiona Stiles Sheer Sculpting Palette – Light/Medium
    It may be hard to see, but I am already making some good progress on the deepest shade in this palette. Since I’ve had this for a while, the powder is a bit harder to pick up on a brush than it used to be, so I’m having to dig in a bit, but that’s alright. I will be repressing the lighter two shades this week so I can use them more easily.
  5. Coty Airspun Powder – Translucent Extra Coverage
    I was out of town from Friday-Monday, so I had 3 days where I used a different powder since I didn’t want to deal with the mess of traveling with this one, so there’s no visible progress.
  6. Elizabeth & James Nirvana Black Eau de Parfum
    This was another item I didn’t take on my trip, so the progress is not visible.
  7. Covergirl Peacock Flare Mascara: Since this is a mascara, I can’t see the progress. I’ll be keeping the mascara on this list (with little to no comment) until it runs out or three months has passed, whichever comes first.

Items I’ve Added:
Since I finished one item so far, I’ll be adding in something else to keep my current panning products at 8, but this month I’ll be adding two items that are already close to being finished.

  • Ulta Dual Ended Lip Liner – Flushed/Berry 
    I’ve found my holy grail for lip liner recently, so one of my goals is going to be going through the others I have so they don’t sit in the drawer and go bad. I can use either one of these colors every day, so I’m hoping to finish the whole thing up by the next update. This came in a gift with purchase bag, so that’s why it’s dual ended. I’ve linked their pencil liner, which comes in both shades from the duo. Since it’s going to go down from each end, I marked both ends of the pencil so I’d remember to line it up on the top line of the page instead of the page border like I did with the OFRA brow pencil.

Pencils Update #1

How is your Project Pan going? I’d love to read your posts/watch your videos about your project! Comment below and share your links!

– Natalie

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