Evening Skincare Routine

Following up on Monday’s post about my morning skincare routine, today I’ll be sharing how I care for my skin in the evenings. Below I’ll talk about my current favorite products, how I use them, and a few of my thoughts on skincare in general.

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Morning Skincare Routine

Today I’m sharing a quick post on my morning skincare routine. My morning routine is significantly shorter than my evening routine (stay tuned for that on Thursday). In fact, I’m not sure you can call using two products a “routine”, but I find that morning skincare is much more about timing and multitasking products than evening skincare can be.

In the mornings, my first priority is rinsing my face off with cold water, gently massaging to get the blood flowing while simultaneously removing any remaining products worn overnight like a mask, oil, or moisturizer.

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Morphe x KathleenLights – One Week, One Palette #4

Today I’ll be reviewing the (unfortunately actually limited edition) palette curated by my favorite YouTube creator. I deeply adore this palette, just like I deeply adore Kathleen. I know this palette isn’t available anymore, but I think it’s important to continue sharing reviews and looks from older palettes beyond when they’re available in main retailers since there’s so many sites out there where you can purchase older or gently used makeup.

Morphe x KathleenLights palette

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Review: Cagie (Faux) Leather Journal Tabs

Today I’m going to share my full review on the Cagie Leather Journal Tabs. While I love the free-flowing nature of the Bullet Journal system, I crave the ability to flip from month to month easily like in a more traditional planner. And while the index can help me find collections more easily, sometimes I want to flag pages that I go to more frequently. I also wanted something more refined than a self-labeled tab. Spoiler alert: I love these, and I’m so excited to share how I’m using them in my journal this year.


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Most-Used Makeup – March 2018

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I can’t believe we’re already at the end of the month! The past few weeks really have flown by. Today, I’ll be sharing my most-used makeup for the month of March. As I mentioned in my last month’s Most-Used Makeup post, these products aren’t necessarily my most favorite products, but the ones I’ve used most often – whether that’s because it’s one of my Project Pan items or just something that I couldn’t stop reaching for.

This month I made a point to remind myself to do a look with all of my most-used products of the month so I could share it with you here!

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