Blog Planning in my Bullet Journal

There comes a time in every Bullet Journaler’s life where they think, “I should start a blog!” (or, in my case, another blog in my collection of many over the years)

There also comes a time in every blogger’s life where they realize they need to plan their posts if they’re ever going to be consistent or prepared for posts they wanted to write at certain times of the year or intervals. When that blogger is also a Bullet Journaler, she (i.e. me) makes a spread for it.

Blog Planning Overview

This spread is my 2018 overview for all blog posts for natalieblends this year. I’ve color-coded the different major types of posts, and scheduled them. For my regular posts (Favorites, Empties, Project Pan, Face Mask Challenge), I’ve planned them in rotation, with a few extra beauty-related posts to keep them on a true once-a-month basis. For my Bullet Journaling-related posts, I’ve planned the monthly planning pages to go up at the end of each month, and others are rotated between additional Bullet Journal posts and personal or other random beauty posts. Admittedly, the “Personal” types of blogs are the most random so far, but I have a few things planned that I am excited to write and share.

BuJo Tracker 01-01 Intro

For me, being someone who wants to blog about two big topics (Bullet Journaling and beauty) and intertwine them when possible, I realized very quickly that if I wanted to be consistent with posts and have a balance of the topics I care about, planning was essential.

BuJo Tracker 02-06 Update 1

I also have other pages that help me to plan for longer-term projects, like my favorite makeup, which has evolved to my most-used makeup.

2018 Year Favorite Makeup

The photo above is how I was originally planning out my “Favorites” posts. I was writing in my pick with a pencil and erasing if something changed. I figured that at the end of the year, I’d write in pen what my favorites for the whole year were. However, when I decided to change my “Favorites” posts to reflect the products that I use the most, not the ones I love most, I created another spread to help me track these better, and see what is used most in multiple months.

Most-Used Makeup

This set-up allows me to use a pen – which is helpful as the pencil starts to rub away and the pages get worn by frequent erasing – and to keep track of the month-to-month changes in my most-used products. Now I can go back to the other spread and note (in pen!) what my current favorite products are, which will help me plan for an upcoming post of my current “holy grail” items, and when it’s time to make a new list (and post) of my true favorites, I can make a new spread and compare them.

I’m also using a spread to plan for quarterly post about my “One Week, One Palette” project. I’ve covered up the palettes I’ve been using so far (no spoilers!), but this spread is helping me to see when I can plan to use different types of palettes based on different things going on at work, vacations, holidays, etc.

One Palette One Week

In the end, planning your blog using your bullet journal has to be created to fit your needs. I highly recommend a yearly overview like mine, but from there – it’s all about which posts and series need more in-depth planning.

If you have a blog, YouTube/Twitch channel, Instagram, or other outlet, how do you plan for it? I would love to hear your ideas in the comments!

– Natalie

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